Taxation Services in Dubai

Managing tax matters along with regular routine business might seem difficult. Dominant Group is an expert tax consultant in Dubai with a dynamic workforce that can help with numerous tax specialities, and also incorporate them into your business as a strategic model.

Registered Tax Advisor Dubai

Dubai is a city with rapid economic growth and several business incentives. The registered tax agents at A & A Associates in the UAE provide total assistance with all tax-related obligations, and we ensure that they are FTA compliant.

Being one of the finest TAX Advisory Firms in Dubai, we lessen this complexity with our knowledgeable tax advisory team. Dealing with taxes and related services is a difficult process.

Taxation Services in Dubai

Tax Consultancy Services In UAE

UAE government does not levy any income tax on individuals, the government levies tax on the following,

Corporate Tax

UAE is new to corporate tax and, as such, businesses will require the assistance of a consultancy that has an expert tax team. The UAE has decided to implement corporate tax, which will enter into force for financial years beginning on or after June 1, 2023.


VAT, which went into effect on January 1, 2018, is an indirect tax levied on the purchase and sale of goods and services. The UAE government's decision to impose VAT is part of a larger strategy to reduce the country's reliance on oil and petroleum products.


The UAE government introduced excise tax on carbonated drinks, tobacco products and energy drinks in 2017 and has decided to charge the same on e-cigarettes, e-liquids and several soft drinks, commencing from December 1, 2019.

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