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No matter what line of business you have, keeping the company’s accounts in order is a mandatory requirement. With UAE becoming the top-most choice as a business destination, many business or company owners select Dubai as a location to expand their business in UAE.

Business accounting services

We are focused on delivering a high-quality accounting service which is responsive to business needs.

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Minimize stress, save time and money, and impress stakeholders with the top outsourced accounting solution for growing businesses.

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Fractional accountants, under the direction of a Controller, manage the financial and recordkeeping work.

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We provide on-demand, holistic insights into your company’s finances which can help you to identify financial goals.

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Dominant Group acts as an extension of your business, ensuring you have constant visibility and resources to reach your goals.

Guaranteed accuracy review

Our expert tax accountants ensure accuracy through multiple levels of review, leaving no stone—or deduction—uncovered.

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Using reports centred on your business goals, your team delivers financial insights to help you make smart, timely decisions.

Secure & transparent

Rest easy knowing our accounting service is keeping your company’s information secure and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions – Accounting Services

  • Statutory Requirements

    a. Commercial Company Law
    The Commercial Company Law requires all the entities registered in UAE to maintain the books of accounts as per International Accounting Standards and appoint Auditor to do the Audit of Books of Accounts annually.The Law provides that each company shall maintain accounting records showing its transactions, provided that such records would accurately and at any time demonstrate the company’s financial standing. Such accounting records shall be maintained at the head office for at least 5 years from the end of the fiscal year-end date.

    b. UAE Value Added Tax
    The VAT regulations also require a UAE company to record the business transactions and maintain the books of accounts.

  • Management Requirements
    Accounting plays a vital role in running a business because it helps you track income and expenditures, ensures statutory compliance, and provides investors, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.
Typically, it is always beneficial to outsource accounting function than to do it in-house. But when the company is a start-up or at small or medium scale, it is advisable to outsource the accounting and VAT Compliance work.Also, at times where business needs to control the cost without compromising on information quality, outsourcing is a good choice.There are many models in which outsourcing is done, including Data entry & Bookkeeping, outsourcing of supervision, outsourcing of Finance controlling etc. Each of the options has their own value for money.
The professional fees for outsourcing of accounts are usually based on Blended Man Hours / Days Rates. These rates are worked out based on amount of time and expertise needed to do an assignment. Effectively, it only charges the productive hours of working on an assignment; therefore it is less expensive when compared with in-house teams.
During the professional account outsourcing, the teams are trained to identify and review the applicable statutory compliances including VAT, Excise, ESR etc. Therefore, the client gets well in advance the advice as to what compliances are required to be done and the process to be followed to do that.
Administrative penalties for not maintaining proper books of accounts with supporting documents are prescribed under Federal Law which ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 1,00,000.
The solution is easy, take our Accounting Supervision Service. There are several means of committing and hiding a strategically planned fraud in an organization. Taking precautions is the best you can do to avoid incurring huge losses or even bankruptcy in the future. One could never know, if one of your most trusted members could be cooking your books for personal gains. To avoid losing your life’s hard work and all the efforts you and your team have put into the business, our team would do a regular check of your entity. Since we are a third-party firm, no self-interest or self-review threats could cloud our judgment. You can fully trust us to ensure that the entries of your daily transactions, bookkeeping and financial reporting are being performed honestly and truthfully.

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