Auditing service in Dubai

Audit and assurance service is one of the core services that every business need to track their financial transactions. More than just the records we are focused on providing a transparent and systematic financial statement audits and other assurance services to give valuable insights into your business.

Types of Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

To ensure what is reflected through the balance sheet/statement of financial position or Profit or Loss Account is reliable or not.

External Auditing Services

The external audit is an independent assessment of a company’s financial statements. Audits offer reassurance to stakeholders that the company’s financial statements are free from material errors.

Internal Auditing Services

Internal auditing services are recommended to identify any weakness in internal controls, operational efficiency or regulatory compliance. It ensures that the company is on the right track by improving risk management.

Statutory Auditing Services

It is legally required audit that needs to be done to evaluate financial position & records. Statutory audit give review & monitor company accounts & accounting process to present a neutral and fair picture of the financial health.

Due Diligence Auditing Services

A due diligence audit is a process of assessment to evaluate its financial health and performance. It helps to understand the company competencies, the target market, potential customers and profit-making capabilities.

Fraud / Forensic Auditing Services

The demand for fraud prevention & examination services is getting high because of the modern world crime. A forensic audit is a process of tracking & investigating the matters related to fraud, financial crimes & commercial disputes.

Tax Auditing Services

Tax audit is the process in which the tax audit firm reviews the tax report of a company for a financial year to check all the procedures and report are well aligned and accurate with Federal Tax Authority.

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